I’ve been playing horseshoes for quite some time.  My earliest memories are as a spectator, then too young to throw a shoe the 40 feet from one stake to the other.  As an adolescent I started playing with my father pretty regularly and tagged along to tournaments in Maine and New Hampshire.

High School came along, then college, and my playing time dwindled to once or twice a year if I was lucky.  Late last season, after a yearly tournament in Sherman, ME, I was inspired to seek out a local club here in Massachusetts.  The season was almost over, but I was determined to join up in the spring and start playing regularly again.

So I’ve been playing once a week since early May at a club in Hamilton, MA.  We have a group of about 25 guys and one gal who play 3 games each, consisting of 40 shoes per game.  The scoring is handicapped according to ringer percentage, which makes things pretty fair in most cases.  I’ve also played in two tournaments this year, with another coming up this Saturday.

I love statistics as much as the next guy.  We’re very fortunate that a member of our club keeps track of ringer percentages, wins, losses, and the like.  I keep a separate spreadsheet, self styled, that monitors my own percentage from week to week.  The genesis of this blog is a desire to go beyond the dry, bland numbers and recap the action from the pits in a less formal manner.

This is my blog about horseshoes and, invariably, other things.  Welcome.


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