Monday night to Saturday morning

Monday night turned out to be a perfect night for shoes, despite the threat of thundershowers all day.  There was a decent turnout for league night.  All three of my slated opponents were present.  If someone that I was supposed to play wasn’t there, I would have had to try to find someone else in a similar predicament and pick up a game.  It is common to hear the occasional “anyone need a first game?” call coming from a player whose opponent hasn’t shown up.  It usually works out, but sometimes there is an odd man out, who only gets in 2 games instead of 3.

I had a bit of an off night on Monday.  In my first game I managed to eke out a win, even though I shot 12.5%, which is about 8 points below my average.  I’m assuming my opponent also shot below his average, otherwise he would have easily beat me.  I lost my second and third games, shooting 17.5 and 20 percent, respectively.  Both of those games were very close, but close only counts in… well, I still ended up with two losses.  My record for the second half of the season stands at seven wins and five losses.

The Massachusetts State Horseshoe Tournament will be held Saturday, at my home courts.  The lineups were posted yesterday and can be seen here.  I’m ranked fifth out of seven players in Class C.  I know I’m in for some tough competition because 2 of the players are in my club.  One of the other players I’ll face is a guy I played in my last tournament.  I just managed to pull out a win.

I just switched to a new pair of horseshoes a few weeks ago.  They are really similar to the last pair I was using, which I was borrowing from my father.  Here’s hoping I put them to good use on Saturday.


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