Jogging on sunshine

As I alluded to in my last post, my next tournament is going to be an indoor affair in East Hartford, CT. It’s coming up next weekend, and I’m pretty excited about it. The host club, Central Connecticut Horseshoe Club, holds tournaments through the winter, complete with computerized scoring, to satisfy the cravings of hardcore pitchers who couldn’t possibly wait until the snow thaws and the temperatures rise again in April. I expect the competition to be fierce, and I’m hoping I’m not any worse for not practicing in the last 6 weeks or so.  The lineups haven’t been announced yet -They should be posted on by Wednesday.

In other news, the little lady and I have undertaken the daunting, but not quite herculean task of revamping my Grandparents’ former residence in Silver Ridge, Maine. The house has sat vacant for more than eight years now, and is a little rough around the edges. Actually it’s a little rough everywhere. With some help from Mom and Dad, we got a good deal of it cleaned up last weekend. In just a few days it went from looking like it was going back to nature to looking semi-livable again. We’re both pretty excited about the prospects for the house. Just being in the place brings back a lot of great memories from my childhood. That old yellow house was a fantastic place to gather and share a meal and a few laughs in good company. With a little sprucing up, and a lot of sweat equity, I think we can keep that tradition alive. The next step will be hooking up the water again in the spring to do some further cleaning. After that? Remodeling!

Running, another of my leisure activities, has taken a back seat recently to more pressing things. I did manage to get out today, with my faithful companion Mushka, for a 10k jaunt in the golden afternoon of a late Autumn day in New England. It was a little rough for me during the first mile or two. It wasn’t painful or anything, no cramps, but let’s just say that if a comfortable looking couch would have presented itself on the sidewalk, I would have happily sat down for a breather. It wasn’t until the last mile or so that I really got into the groove. Running, at its’ best, feels as natural as breathing. No effort, no strain. Just one foot in front of the other. With any luck, the snow and frigid temperatures will hold off for another month or so and I can continue jogging in the out of doors. Running in place in our living room just doesn’t cut it.

Aside from the occasional trip to the constitution state for some indoor pitching, horseshoes will get damn near impossible once the snow starts flying.  In the interest of keeping things, well…interesting, I’ll be filling this space with ramblings about other topics.  Running may get knocked out of contention by mother nature as well.  But then there are always musings about the nature of the cosmos, which I am lately very fascinated with, though I confess that I have never set foot in a Physics classroom.  Go figure.


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