Monthly Archives: April 2012

That shadowy figure in the shot below, pitching a horseshoe (trust me, he’s pitching a horseshoe), that’s yours truly.

grainy men on a granular planet


Things did not begin so swimmingly yesterday at the Central Connecticut Horseshoe Club for me.  I had about 30 minutes to warm up before my class began shooting at 11:00.  After a few horrid pitches, I got back into the swing of things and felt satisfied enough to relax for a few minutes before match play began.  When the official play started, however, I had a bit of a rough time.  It was a very slow start, but the ringers started coming.  Fortunately they started coming before my opponent had built an insurmountable lead, and I won the first contest by a score of 35 to 17.

My second game turned out to be the toughest, at least on paper, though any of them could have had very different outcomes if not for a ringer (or a single point) at the right moment.  I shot 31.25% to my opponent’s 27.1%, and won by a score of 36 – 28.

The score card does not lie.  Here it is:

Opponents' names redacted by the self censorship bureau.

All told, I finished in first place in Class G, with a 5-0 record and a 32.24% ringer percentage for the day.  It was my best day of pitching to date.  I’m looking forward to returning to weekly club play at the Hamilton Horseshoe Club.  If spring is here to stay, we should be off and running soon.