Monthly Archives: May 2012

“Don’t loaf and invite inspiration.
Light out after it with a club.”  – Jack London

Monday league play is back at the Hamilton Horseshoe Club!  April 30th was actually the first night of play, although the wins, losses, and other stats did not start piling up until this past Monday, May 7th.  My ringer percentage was about 25% and change on both nights, with some hot and cold streaks here and there.  I shot 40% for one game this past week, which I’m pretty sure is my best game to date.  I won two games and lost one.  I’m pretty happy with my start to the season.  It feels great to see the gang and get back into the regular routine of weekly play.  It doesn’t hurt that the resurgence of horseshoe play is also seemingly coinciding with the advent of warmer weather.

The three tournaments I played over the winter in Connecticut went a long way towards keeping my pitching steady, if not sharp, now that Spring has rolled around.  I signed up for my first tournament, which is the Hamilton Open, scheduled for Saturday, May 19th.  I’m going to have to get creative when it comes time to make the trek up to Hamilton, due to the fact that my more stylish half will be in the Granite State for the weekend.  If we get a good turnout for the contest, maybe I’ll hitch with a pitcher heading north past Slummerville.