I’ve come from Benedicta with a banjo in my knee.

The odds are pretty good that there is not a banjo in my knee, but there is something in there, and it hurts.  The pain manifested at roughly mile 6 of an 8 mile run on Sunday.  My training program to push my long run to 12 miles is on hold for now.  A few days of ice, rest, and summer olympics viewing should get me back on track.  Oh, and stretching.  My more flexible half has convinced me that working a handful of tried and true limbering up exercises would go a long way towards preventing future injuries.  I was stretching some, but apparently not enough.  As I work more distance into my runs, the potential for injury grows with every extra step.  You know the phrase; not a question of if, but when.  Time to get with the program.

What about horseshoes?  The clay (and sometimes sand) pit action has been pretty steady this summer.  In my last sanctioned tournament, which was the Mass Open in Shrewsbury, I ended up in a tie for second place (in terms of wins and losses) which turned into a statistical dead heat for fourth place (using ringer percentage as a tie break).

I also competed in an informal, luck-of-the-draw partners tournament in Sherman, ME a few weekends back.  I had a bit of a slow start, a solid middle, followed by a strong finish, but it was a little too late.  I finished in a tie for third place, and a playoff for third left me in fourth.  I’m sensing a bit of a pattern here.

Club play in Hamilton has been going well.  I didn’t quite make the cut at the mid point of the season to earn a bid into the season ending playoffs.  I still have a chance to earn one of four spots in the second half.  My club average has hovered pretty close to 25%, while my tournament average is consistently just under 30%.  I like to think that this can be attributed to my ability to step it up under pressure, but there could very well be another explanation.

In other news, Lavender and I climbed Mt. Katahdin.

Photo courtesy of Lavender.


Katahdin deserves its’ own post, so I’ll follow with that in coming days.  We’re going to try to hit it again before the summer is out.  It’s a great climb, and renews my spirit every time.


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